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What is the shortcut or console command to reload the menu resource files while in-game?


--tantoedge 04:03, 30 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Anyone know how to remove textures when they've been finished with? I know normally you would want to keep any textures loaded to cut load time between maps, but I found an unusual case. After working on the OVERVIEW_PANEL for some time, I've managed to get it to load different player icons depending on the team they've joined. Unfortunately it only does this when the server is first started, and keeps the textures loaded through each map change. The down side is that if a player changed teams between map changes he'll end up displaying the wrong icon on the next round, as his previous texture is still loaded. Ideally I'd like it to flush the icons, sos each time the panel is invoked, it reloads the correct ones.