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It's looking and working great. --wisemx 14:51, 6 Oct 2005 (PDT)

It's a little disappointing to see the 'monitor' window being dumped completely from the STEAM interface. Is that going to be put back in in the full release?


  • Right click on the toolbar steam icon, pick games, and get a little hierarchical sub-menu with all the games. Directly launch without having to open games window. Beats having to open up the whole UI, especially for the more "obscure" things like the SDK.
  • Have the favorites for each game be available for direct access when you right click on a game in the game window. Single player games could offer saved games instead of server favorites.
  • Small menu accessable via toolbar does not match the UI layout/flow of the application when open. Menu is "Games, Friends, Servers, Settings, News, Exit" whereas Steam UI in main window is "Store, My games, Tools" plus "News, Friends, Servers, Settings, Support". They would benefit from having a similar order. Also placing "missing" options (news, store, tools, support) into shortcuts toolbar menu would help streamline things. Having support in popup toolbar menu could also encourage more visits to the support site.
  • Add the possibility to remove the game not wanted (Hide Game on right click)
  • Add the possibility to the 3 rd party mod to add custom icon and official mod url site.
    • Agreed - it would be great to have that info be in the gameinfo.txt or some such file in the 3d party mod, so if installed it would automatically show up in Steam.
      • If you add the keys "developer" and "developer_url" to the gameinfo.txt, they should show up in the UI - please test.
  • Organize "My games" list into a tree of collapsable groups of similar games.
  • Option to see the Tools entries in the small view, as before.
  • Split the 3rd party mods away once again from the offical games keeping the menu looking simply/easy to use.