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replicating the battery puzzle

I'm interested in replicating the battery puzzle and am following the tutorial located here. I couldn't get it working, so I decided to look at it piece by piece.

I started with a trigger_teleport, logic_relay, info_target, filter_activator_name and a battery. I have double and triple checked the entity properties and outputs and cannot get my battery to a) snap into place and b) detach from my physgun. I should note that I am using a HL2MP mod. Any ideas? Reacher 13:34, 29 Jan 2007 (PST)

problem using the trigger teleport

I have one problem with using the trigger teleport.

I have no problem setting up the trigger in the editor. That's the easy part, but when I run my map (I've made many teleport sample maps) it does not do what it's supposed to do. It doesn't even activate. The other triggers work fine. It's the trigger teleport, can you help me out? Thorn3x3 22:33, 1 April 2009

I'm not quite sure what you are asking about. I'm guessing the trigger_teleport is not working in-game? If so, does your trigger_teleport have a target destination and the "Clients" box checked in the flag tab? --brandished 15:31, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Destination positioning

it might be good to tell people that if they are using the landmark feature, that they should position their destination's marker's vertical origin 1 unit above the vertical origin of the landmark. Basically where you came from has an origin and that is being used to calculate the offset...both up and down as well as left/right/front/back. It's easy to forget the up and down part during positioning. If you place your destination one unit higher it seems to run a smoother less noticeable transition (and less getting stuck in ground geometery). --iii 04:25, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

12 flag?

Isn't it 8+4?

Quick question

What happens when the target of the trigger_teleport has the same name of another info_teleport_destination? Does it select by random? --Suppercut 21:11, 20 June 2011 (UTC)

Teleport Not Working in Team Fortress 2

I've been trying to get a trigger_teleport in tf2 that works on players and I've had no luck. I have tried every setup I can think of and I can't get a player to teleport. Ive gotten other entities to teleport like func_physbox but when I walk up to it nothing happens. Anyone know a fix for this? --ShadowHunter 19:22, 3 September 2012 (UTC)

If anyone finds this looking for a solution, ensure that "clients" is checked in the trigger_teleport's flags section. --Stack man (talk) 01:00, 20 July 2020 (UTC)