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This page is not written well about the information that it's trying to give. Here's the points of confusion I'm having as it's written.

Given the Cinepak is freaking old, there's no mention on how to convert to it. I know adobe premere and after effects can do it, but I'm looking for an open source solution.

No info was given for the Blink file format, I just added a link to the page for it. Note: Blink Video didn't work when converted to it and tested with Eclipse's startup vid.

I know that the codex that you are using has to be installed on the system that you're using. that's why the startup vid problem never got caught by the Eclipse team. The reason cinepak is suggested because it's installed on every windows PC for over a decade now.

Are startup vid's supposed to be under 100megs? (why would you have a startup vid that's over 100megs is another question though) --Grash 22:35, 17 Oct 2007 (PDT)

If cinepak is the way to go for avi videos, how do I save the video in this format on windows? Thank you --TheTeenGeek (talk) 23:45, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

Purpose of the startupvids.txt

Now, I'm confused here; I have a startupvids.txt that has both Valve.bik and Valve.avi in it- It played Valve.avi alone, so I transplanted the bik DLLs from bin/ in the SDK OB Base to the bin/ in my experimentation mod to see if it played both the bik and the avi afterwards. It only played the Valve.bik. I will experiment more with this, but my question is this: Is startupvids.txt supposed to play it's entries in sequence, or randomly? --JeffMOD 20:11, 21 February 2010 (UTC)