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SDK Doesn't Start, help

help, please. my SDK doesnt even launch; it says Preparing... and does nothing, after using the Beta. even with -engine ep1 in the launch options. help.

Community bugs

For bugs found after the November 2007 sdk update, the current buglist can be found at Source SDK SE2 Bugs. For past bugs, please see the August 2006 Community Buglist.

Will this be a page later or?--Gear 12:44, 7 Nov 2007 (PST)

Issues with the Article itself

SDK_Does_Not_Compile_Under_Linux is no longer relevant after the 2006-08-14 SDK update.

Is it possible to add some of the 'SDK code issues' errors text in there, so a search engine could list this article? The MountAppFilesystem() error probably has a handful of people still looking for help. Hell, after 2 weeks of looking for help, I finally found an forum that had this article linked here. And scary is that I've been running through this Valve Developer Community since the start!