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I've always wanted to know: why do you guys insist on using such horribly outdated images for all your engine PR? They don't reflect the final quality of either HL2 OR Source (The Antlion Guard one is the only exception). --TomEdwards 08:33, 1 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Theres at least 5 artistic errors on these images. Actually the engine looks much better in-game. More realistic, with better look and feel. Tom, you read my mind! --Tei

I've noticed that it says all code was written in VC++ 6, but the SDK code is in VC++ 2003. Not sure if they're actually different or what, just wanted to point it out. --AndrewNeo 17:09, 6 Jul 2005 (PDT)


This page needs the following:—ts2do 21:06, 19 Mar 2006 (PST)

{{otherlang:en}}{{otherlang:en:jp|Source Engine Features:jp}}

Duplicate Page

This page is nearly a duplicate for Am on my way to work at the moment so.. needs to be compared to /Source and duplicate parts merged and/or referenced. :— BJ 12 May 2006 (EDT)

The reason this is: Source is open for editing and this isn't—ts2do 06:57, 12 May 2006 (PDT)
It is still "protected"... I'll warn JeffLane to see if anything can be done. Since this page is (almost) a verbatim copy of the "features section" of the other article (it's probably the other way around...), maybe this article should be completed to include all the "inter-wiki" links instead, and at the other article we could use the {{:Source Engine Features}} trick to "import" this page's content. --Etset 05:03, 3 Feb 2008 (PST)

Deformable terrain

Was this feature actually seen in Half-Life 2 (or subsequent expansions)? I remember it from one of the E3 tech demos but can't think of any instances in game. QmunkE 14:37, 9 Jan 2007 (PST)

That's a good question, I can't recall it either (in HL2, nor HL2: Ep1...I haven't finished Ep2). Searching for it on the VDC leads to no article (except this one and Source, of course). --Etset 05:03, 3 Feb 2008 (PST)
VALVe did finish it, but they didn't add it, probably due to the HL2 beta leak. Solokiller 05:43, 3 Feb 2008 (PST)

Typos and such

There's a double up of the infinite resolution masking, in the first features part it says it under alpha mapping, then straight away says it again as the next bullet point. There was something else closer to the bottom as well. Can't remember it. Someone fix that?


This is wrong.

Cross-platform Play. Network design allows multiplay between PC and 360 platforms and also simplifies development and testing in a cross-platform environment.

It should be PC and PS3, microsoft don't allow Cross-platform Play.

German now available

The Source Engine Feature Side ist now also in German available.

Source Engine Merkmale (German)

Please edit the header from the original/english Side and add the language, i can't =D. Thanks!