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Feature Requests

As there is a lot of stuff still missing in Source-TV I have made a new page to collect some ideas and important features that are missing. The page can be found at: Source TV Feature-Request -- (blank-TV|monZOOM 10.07.2005)


IMPORTANT: Report all found bugs via the ingame bugreport-tool first! (default-key: F4)

In order to get a overview of known bugs I set up this page: Source TV Buglist -- (blank-TV|monZOOM 10.07.2005)

Needs some work fast.

This SourceTV is a feature that is important for this game. Lots of people love to see other play wars. So why have you made it so it have to follow a auto-director? I cant see that the point of reduce network bandwidth is a good point here. The world gets better and better bandwidth. So why save on it now after HLTV has been working great for some years? I would gues that SourceTV should have the possibility to let the Server deside if they have the bandwidth or not for people to choose how to watch the game. So why not put in like tv_camraangel 1, 2 or 3. Like 1 is for people that need to save bandwidth. 2 is for people to spec all they want. 3. is for one of the spectators in SourceTV to be camera man for all players on servers.

Or something like that. So the people that runs the server, can choose. It is wrong that Valve should choose for all the players and comunityes.