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physics.cpp, ShouldCollide function, line 579. Causes ep2_outland_12 to crash every time according to the mdmp. --TheRealJman 17:08, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Some random fixes, the dynamic respawn crashed for me a lot, so I added a 3 second wait to respawning in multiplay_gamerules.cpp

float CMultiplayRules::FlPlayerSpawnTime( CBasePlayer *pPlayer )
	return gpGlobals->curtime + 3;//now!

If one of your players dies during a scripted_sequence, the ai will stop going through their sequence altogether. A quick fix is to edit hl2_player.cpp's event_killed function. You can remove or just blank the notifyscriptsofdeath function if you want.

void CHL2_Player::Event_Killed( const CTakeDamageInfo &info )
	BaseClass::Event_Killed( info );

	//FirePlayerProxyOutput( "PlayerDied", variant_t(), this, this );

To fix the attackchopper crashing levels such as ep2_outland_08, change the IsThrownByPlayer function in npc_attackchopper.cpp by removing the IsPlayer check.

bool CGrenadeHelicopter::IsThrownByPlayer()
// if player is the owner and we're set to explode on contact, then the player threw this grenade.
#ifdef SS_Enable_Fixed_Multiplayer_AI	
return ( m_bExplodeOnContact ); 
return ( ( GetOwnerEntity() == UTIL_GetLocalPlayer() ) && m_bExplodeOnContact );
#endif //SS_Enable_Fixed_Multiplayer_AI

Patch Install Issues

I was going through the extra fixes after the 1.75 patch and the "find x" bits for gameinterface.cpp don't exist in the file - not even touched in the patch. Something with next version or? --Lost 16:35, 2 May 2010 (UTC)