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In Portal, using a prop_door_rotating seems to create errors when you shoot the portal gun at it. I've tried surrounding the door with a nodraw surface and even func_noportal_volume, however I can't figure out how to make it function properly: to have the door absorb the portal attempt and give the invalid surface response.

Notes: If you are standing on the ground, usually the portal particles that shoot from the gun fly and hit the door, then bounce to a random surface, which, in my experience, has been in the general direction of the origin of the world. If you are jumping or noclipped into the air, the particle effect normally shot from the gun does not move at all - it stays stationary wherever you initially fired the portalgun, and Console reports:

DataTable warning: [unknown]: Out-of-range value (4403068369862833900000000000000000000.000000) in SendPropFloat 'm_vStart[2]', clamping.

And you end up with a glowing blue or orange stationary permanent particle effect in the position that you fired the portal gun.

Can someone else please verify that the above is what happens? And if there are any known fixes, please let me know.

Other notes: A decompiled escape_02 shows that the Portal devs did not use any apparent methods to prevent the above from happening. (On the door leading from catwalks to Glados) --volt 22:25, 30 Nov 2007 (PST)

Just so you guys know, this happens in official Portal maps as well, take this screenshot for example (this is of the stationary particle effect)
This is on the end of the map testchmb_a_15, before you jump into the cube transporter. --volt 08:46, 1 Dec 2007 (PST)