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I'm pretty sure they're dissapearing when you spawn like that because they're all colliding with eachother. you'll need to add a collision group check so that those types of projectiles can't hit eachother.

if that's not it, well not sure then, but it sure sounds like it. --omega

possibly yes, that was my first guess too. Though I tried lining them up with a neat amount of space, and they still disappear, and as far as I can tell, before there is a chance of them colliding. I also checked the CCrossbowBolt::BoltTouch method, but it only collides with NPC's and non-moving objects, as far as I could tell. I should have mentioned both in the article I guess, sorry. Corner 14:31, 16 Jun 2006 (PDT)
alright, but the touch function doesnt prevent it from colliding higher up in the actual movement heirarchy; which was why i suggested that. I dont have time this moment to try it (heading to work) but I seriously suggest creating a new collision group, ie: COLLISION_GROUP_BOLT and put a check in ShouldCollide itself: if (collisiongroup0 == COLLISION_GROUP_BOLT && collisiongroup1 == COLLISION_GROUP_BOLT) return false; that would eliminate once and for all if thats indeed the problem. --omega

Physgun interaction with projectiles

Would be pretty cool if you could use the physgun on projectiles (rockets or bolts). Someone asked me the other day if you could snag an RPG rocket w/the grav gun. Really not sure but it would be fun if you could.

Interesting Question, I think I will look into it. Corner 23:06, 16 Jun 2006 (PDT)