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This article does not meet the mod profile criteria

This mod profile does not meet the criteria in Help:Mod_Profiles. It doesn't seem to have any presence outside of the Valve Developer Community (e.g. a ModDB page) and it doesn't seem to have much utility to the Valve Developer Community. It also appears to lack proof of concept.

If this mod does not meet the mod profile criteria, it may be marked for deletion alongside Template:PWHL2WIcon. --Blixibon (talk) 15:02, 9 May 2020 (UTC)

About this mod being on the VDC

I see that you've been working really hard to make this mod meet the criteria in Help:Mod_Profiles. You addressed my original concerns about the mod criteria and even removed a deletion notice set by someone else because they didn't challenge your Undelete request.

However, there's one big question which still really needs to be answered: Why is this mod on the Valve Developer Community and what purpose does it serve to developers?

According to Help:Mod_Profiles, the first thing you're supposed to consider before making a mod page is that the Valve Developer Community is a development wiki. You can create anything you want with Source, but a VDC article is usually only necessary when it serves some purpose to Source developers. This is especially the case for dedicated templates, as they're used when a mod or game may have a presence in multiple places on the wiki.

For example, <Synergy> Synergy is a popular Half-Life 2 co-op mod that's on Steam and has its own community, entities, and level design practices. Another mod, <Entropy : Zero> Entropy : Zero, is a high-profile Half-Life 2 mod with source code available on GitHub. It has its own community, code modifications, and level design practices. Its sequel, <Entropy : Zero 2> Entropy : Zero 2, isn't released yet, but it's on the VDC because it's an official, actively developed sequel to that mod and its source code is expected to release on GitHub as well. It's also notable for being the first mod to use <Mapbase> Mapbase.

Portal with Half-Life 2 weapons doesn't have its own community, level design practices, or anything else that would make it useful to developers or notable enough to be on the VDC. I know that you've been trying to give Portal with Half-Life 2 weapons its own level design articles in an effort to make it useful, but since it's not released yet and doesn't have a community or reputation to support it, it's not useful.

If you want your mod to be on the VDC, you have to give it a purpose for being here. Prove that it's worth being here. That's going to take some time. Until then, the VDC articles and templates related to Portal with Half-Life 2 weapons are probably going to be removed. I recommend sticking to ModDB for your mod, at least for now. When you've given Portal with Half-Life 2 weapons enough reasons to be on this wiki, you can return and restore your articles. --Blixibon (talk) 22:16, 28 June 2020 (UTC)