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Purpose of this article

I created this page out of frustration at how disorganized resources for creating a good player model are on this site and the web in general. I feel like most problems beginners might face can be resolved just by having a good .qc but of course if you start out modelling by editing a default valve model then your mdldecompiler.qc is going to be crap because the decompiler doesn't get the whole thing. I included a .qc of one of my CS:GO models at the end, but this page probably needs more than just that. I think I might make an entire tutorial for how to make a player model in the future if I have enough time and get around to it.

If you edit this page (and please do!!) just keep in mind that the goal is to help people avoid common pitfalls that you can encounter when making or editing player models. Lady-Natalya (talk) 15:37, 14 September 2015 (UTC)