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Anyone know how to make the turret able to shoot through a box around it (like in the advanced level)? I surrounded mine by a box just like in the official map and it targets the player and shoots at them, but doesn't penetrate the grate around it. The walls are only 1 unit thick so it can't be that. Anyone have any idea? --Remmiz 20:43, 11 Nov 2007 (PST)

Nevermind the above, just don't tie the brushes to any entity and it works fine.--Remmiz 21:48, 11 Nov 2007 (PST)

I have another question. How would I make a soundpack for these turrets? Do I need to make a new folder? .../portal/portal/sound/npc/turret_floor/ doesn't work. --Xiode 15:13, 21 May 2010 (UTC)

How can you input the key values with this npc in the command console of the game? Or can you? --Catchereben 20:15, 6 December 2011 (PST)

Nope. FelixGriffin 09:28, 7 December 2011 (PST)
I know this is old, but I want to point out that you actually can, with the AddOutput input, using the ent_fire command. PluMGMK 07:48, 30 March 2013 (PDT)

Picture change

For consistency, shouldn't we change the picture of the turret to the turret icon from the intro signs?

Like this: Turretsicon.png

--Mr. P. Kiwi (Talk | Contributions) 12:05, 29 August 2011 (PDT)

Maybe add it above the current image, but I wouldn't replace it. Renderings are always helpful. --Barracuda 14:53, 29 August 2011 (PDT)

Also, I think someone should render and upload the Portal 2 version of the turret. --Mr. P. Kiwi (Talk | Contributions) 00:05, 30 August 2011 (PDT)