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Is someone already writing this? Unsigned comment added by JJ45 (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.

I believe someone WAS but that was I don't know how long ago. so i'd figure no. And you can type --~~~~ to sign your comments. Helps people know who's saying what :) If you've got the buttons up top one of them will do it for you. --Angry Beaver 15:59, 18 Nov 2006 (PST)
I'm going to write this, then. (edit: sigh, I forgot the signature again >.<)--JJ45 00:17, 21 Nov 2006 (PST)

Seeing as nobody else has written it, I've now done so. More to come, once I can clean it up and format it correctly, but the information is all there. --Newinfinite 22:51, 4 Dec 2007 (PST)

Looking good so far. Consider splitting it up into sub-sections (steps) as common with tutorials. This should make it a bit easier for the reader to track progress. --Tourorist 02:13, 5 Dec 2007 (PST)

Good idea. Any helpful tips on writing tutorials are appreciated, as this is my first. Also, a thank you to whoever touched up the work so far, as I finished it very late and promptly went to bed and passed out, leaving it a mess. --Newinfinite 16:45, 8 Dec 2007 (PST)

Where are you finding the origin marker for the func_tracktrain? I'm editing in Ep2 mode, and I can see an origin value in the Object Properties, but no blue circle shows up in any of the 2D views. Thanks --Bobbert 21:56, 7 Mar 2008 (PST)

Does anyone have any pictures of the outputs tab of the logic_compare? --Snake oil salesman 15:58, 2 Jan 2009 (PST)