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This doesn't work in debug mode, you get a popup, and then it exits:

"Extra App ID set to 220, but no SteamAppId" (where 220 is the first SteamAppID you mount)

Apparently its fine in release mode though, I'm recompiling now. --Winston 11:43, 19 Jul 2007 (PDT)

Works Now, you need to have a negative sign in front of the AppID to mount it properly.

Episode 1

How come for episode 1 you don't need SteamID = 380 ? I haven't been able to run an episode 1 mod flawlessly (Alyx can't "talk") and I'm also wondering how it's done.

FIXED! You do need to mount ID 380 for Episode 1 content but I wouldn't expect this whole documentation wiki to be accurate since it's not written by the developers... --Cippyboy 00:55, 27 Apr 2008 (PDT)