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Add somekind of sandbox page? Also add some kind of help for actually using the wiki? comes to mind. Also the special maintenence pages can be abused and can drive the server load through the roof. Also I would reserve all names like Gabe Newell before they get completly abused. — ^Ben

Also, maybe make an official list of rules for the wiki. "Terms of Use" doesn't really cut it in terms of readability. A nice list of "do and do not" examples is a good idea. Also, not just Gabe Newell, but gaben! :) — BAILOPAN 17:08, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)
Im just waiting till the little kids get a hold of this, goatse and tubgirl ahoy! — ^Ben

I put up a crappy help page, basically just 2 links :( Someone else should finish it. — Draco

I fixed up the Help page. Much remains to be done — for now, it is based on, and heavily references, Wikipedia. — Dan Johnson 19:02, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)

I have finished my guide on editing wiki pages, Help_with_Editing. Hope it comes in handy. — User:Geogriffith

It's a tad unprofessional (first person writing, style inconsistency, "Bastards.", "Dur.") but a good start, certainly better than the previous situation of "no help whatsoever," and especially for someone unfamiliar with wikicode. Well done. I have written a link to it into Help:Contents; I would add to the page myself, but my brain is already broiled. — Dan Johnson 20:02, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)
Oh hell, someone'll get around to fixing it sooner or later :) — User:Geogriffith


We're not going to enforce any real editing rules on the site, with the exception of obvious offensive material. The site is likely to turn out more useful if the community drives that effort.

One of the main problems with Mediawiki as it stands is that practically needs a wiki dedicated to itself to figure out how to operate it. It's a very confusing and scary thing, and that isn't immediately apparent when you look at the heavily standardised Wikipedia. No new wiki should really take Wikipedia as a test subject, because the hive mind philosophy powering it is one you can't deliberately replicate unless you have access to a whole world of OCD sufferers. So, unless the site is going to be driven by a select group of very dedicated people with obscene amounts of time to spare, there will need to be guidelines quickly thrown down about the basic formatting and structure of the site, or enthusiasm can quickly unravel into a not-so-helpful splat of information resembling the HL2World wiki, which I'm sure you've browsed while researching this.

While we're on the subject of usage, I have to say that the case sensitivity of Mediawiki combined with the extremely poor search engine (I assume for the sake of efficiency) can make locating information a lot harder than it should be. We're attempting to implement a more useful search on my wiki, which I'll be happy to share when complete.
Super Foul Egg

New To Wiki

I'm new to wiki and I am really hoping that by leaving a comment that I'm not screwing something up, but is it possible to set up a classic Forum for Developers, haha, I'm having a pretty difficult time finding needed information. In fact, I could easily set up a PHPBB Forum and give you guys the link if you would like. - Solo

The site should become more coherent, cohesive, and usable overall after the learning curve for a wiki is passed. For now, please see the Help page to learn about how the wiki works. — Dan Johnson 18:50, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Still Doesn't tell me where to find information such as in Level Modeling, how do you create breakable glass?

You would be able to find it by searching in the search box on the sidebar, but there does not appear to be much information about it. The second result for 'level modeling' is Materials_for_models. You could add a question about glass to the comments there. — fysh 19:47, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)