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Currently there is no hot key or key combination to switch to nudgemode (using arrow keys) when the "arrow keys nudge selected objects/vertex" box in the options menu is unchecked.

being able to nudge obejects/vertices is very necisary, but i find navigating my map with the arrow keys by defualt is more useful for me then having to push space bar. i hope such a hotkey will be implimented, that doesnt require me to go into options and turn it on all the time.

also i would like to see a hot key or combination key, that would allow easy rotaion of a line of vertices, also adding a movable centerpoint would be very useful, such as that in photoshop when you go into freetransform mode with a selected object.

Bug hunt

F6 Cycles to the next active viewport.
F6 Cycles to the previous active viewport.
Does the previous port button even exist?
The shortcut does. Albeit the high-lighting for 2d viewports aren't updated properly. --Demented
Tab Switch view types (top/side/front).
When you do this, the new view is miles away from where you were unless you are working at the origin. If it could revolve around any selected objects or something, it would be a lot, lot easier.
PgUp Cycle to the previous camera position.
PgDn Cycle to the next camera position.
The camera gets tilted down a little whenever you switch to it. Do it enough and it will have gone through a full circle! Very annoying.
Shift Hold Shift when rotating to constrain rotation to 15 degrees;
This doesn't seem to work anymore, at least for me. I think it stopped working since the big SDK update. --eXplorer
Still broken in June 08... But if you set the default to 15 degree rotation (Options -> 2D View tab), then shift will allow the smaller amounts. Supertin 01:23, 29 Jun 2008 (PDT)