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Revision as of 22:29, 1 June 2006 by N-neko (talk | contribs) (Why don't you use Steam Support system instead?)
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This seems to be a lot of error reports, instead of bugs. I have a lot of 'bugs' to list, if we keep going like this. I haven't gotten past the cliffside of the beginning of the game yet. -.- --AndrewNeo 12:54, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Why do you put these game specific bugs and errors(that we can't fix ourselves) on VDC instead of using Steam Support system? --n-neko 22:29, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)


Pleas list your bugs by chronological order in the game, with how far in they are as a headline. Some of us have only gotten to a certain point before it crashed. --Alph Tech STUART 13:01, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)