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The code appears in the hl2/hl2mp code...maybe it'd work if we tried using that goldfish model? -ts2do

I noticed that too. Today I'll try to get the code working in our HL2 Kids mod. --wisemx 06:38, 30 Aug 2005 (PDT)

"Attempted to create unknown entity type func_fish_pool! Can't init func_fish_pool" This is the error you get if you try to use func_fish_pool in HL2. It never gets as far as placing a model. If anyone can come up with a way to get this to work for HL2 please post it. -- --Fitzroy doll 04:03, 6 Apr 2006 (PDT)

From base.fgd:

@PointClass = func_fish_pool : "Creates a school of interactive fish that swim near this entity."
	model(studio) : "World model" : "models/Junkola.mdl"
	fish_count(integer) : "Fish Count" : 10 : "Number of Fish in this Pool"
	max_range(float) : "Max Range" : 150 : "How far away a Fish can wander (max 255)"
  1. Junkola.mdl does not seem to exist.
  2. The article says it's a brush entity, the fgd says it's not.

--Beeswax 03:58, 7 Apr 2008 (PDT)

    • It states both in the current version of the article. Changing... --Super200 17:58, 15 July 2011 (PDT)

Isn't this entity specifically for the Episode One engine, due to it's presence in Counterstrike? - Alfonzo.

Pictures? --BreakingAtTheHinges 19:13, 9 September 2010 (UTC)