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So, should the team be the color of the suitcase, or the other team who would be making the capture?--Foolster41 14:02, 13 Nov 2007 (PST)

  • Should be the same color as the briefcase, experiment! ~ Hampster 21:09, 3 Dec 2007 (PST)

Attack/Defend Gameplay

  • I'm assuming there's not really any functionality really built-in for this gametype, but I'm trying to make it so there's a delay in capturing a point. Two things: (1) can I tie a flag to a specific capturezone and (2) can I delay the cap and use the control-point method (say that radial 5sec counter in the hud) to demote how much time is left to cap? ~ Hampster 21:09, 3 Dec 2007 (PST)

I don't think so, on both counts. However, you might be able to hack your way around it by using an actual capture point as part of the flag return area. I'm picturing three parts - a trigger that detects the flag (not sure how to do this part), a capture point, and a flag return.
When the trigger detects the flag, it enables the capture point via an Output, and disables it when the flag leaves the area. This way you can only capture the point if you have the flag.
Then, when the capture point is captured, it enables the flag return (func_capturezone) via an Output. Because the flag is already in the area, it gets captured. Just make sure you set the capture point to be worth 0 points. Then, set the flag's Outputs to reset the system when it's captured.
I don't have the editor in front of me, but that's the theory off the top of my head.--Daeval 18:17, 3 Jan 2008 (PST)