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(Inquiry into Half Life 2 Areaportalwindow usage)
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I have one question: in the Half Life 2 coast level (d2_coast_10 I think) featuring the lighthouse, in the small wooden cottage where the main battle site is I noticed areaportalwindows were used. However, instead of fading to black they slowly blurred the further you got away from them, until there was a view through the window similar to the gaussian blurred loading screenshots the game uses. I was wondering how this was achieved; did Valve use a foreground model for the areaportal or a custom texture, or maybe a special rendering shader/technique? Please let me know as I would quite like to use this effect in my maps.
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--[[User:X6herbius|X6herbius]] 05:50, 19 May 2008 (PDT) Herbius

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