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Damage types for advanced mapping

Note.png Note: You must turn off SmartEdit mode to enter some of these values.
Name Value Info
DMG_GENERIC 0 Generic damage
DMG_CRUSH 1 Damage from props
DMG_BULLET 2 Damage from bullets.
DMG_SLASH 4 Damage from most melee attacks (that scratch, lacerate, or cut).
DMG_BURN 8 Burn damage (e.g. Igniting something and noclipping in it).
DMG_VEHICLE 16 Hit by a vehicle
DMG_FALL 32 Damage from high falls. (can be used to disable player fall damage)
DMG_BLAST 64 Damage from explosives (ear-ringing effect).
DMG_CLUB 128 Damage from some enemy melee attacks (blunt or unarmed) e.g. Combine melee attack.
DMG_SHOCK 256 Damage from electricity (creates sparks and puff of smoke at damage position).
DMG_SONIC 512 Damage from supersonic objects (unused).
DMG_ENERGYBEAM 1024 Laser or other high energy beam
DMG_PREVENT_PHYSICS_FORCE 2048 Prevent a physics force (e.g. Gravity Gun Jump on Props)
DMG_NEVERGIB 4096 No damage type will be able to gib victims upon death
DMG_ALWAYSGIB 8192 Any damage type can be made to gib victims upon death
DMG_DROWN 16384 Damage from drowning
DMG_PARALYZE 32768 Damage from paralyzing
DMG_NERVEGAS 65536 Damage from nervegas. (GLaDOS's gas from the ending of Portal)
DMG_POISON 131072 Damage from poison (e.g. black head crabs)
DMG_RADIATION 262144 Damage from radiation (Geiger counter will also go off).
DMG_DROWNRECOVER 524288 Drowning recovery (health regained after surfacing)
DMG_ACID 1048576 Damage from dangerous acids. (gives a light-cyan flash ingame)
DMG_SLOWBURN 2097152 In an oven slow burning
DMG_REMOVENORAGDOLL 4194304 No ragdoll will be created, and the target will be quietly removed.
DMG_PHYSGUN 8388608 Damage from the Gravity Gun (e.g. pushing head crabs).
DMG_PLASMA 16777216 Turns the player's screen dark and plays sounds until the player's next footstep.
DMG_AIRBOAT 33554432 Damage from airboat gun.
DMG_DISSOLVE 67108864 Damage from combine technology e.g. combine balls and the core.
DMG_BLAST_SURFACE 134217728 A blast on the surface of water that cannot harm things underwater
DMG_DIRECT 268435456 Damage from being on fire.(DMG_BURN relates to external sources hurting you)
DMG_BUCKSHOT 536870912 Damage from shotguns. (not quite a bullet. Little, rounder, different.)