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Help Wanted

Team [EXP] is looking to add a few people to its ranks to help out with production with Evolution. Production has been knocked down to a near standstill with the loss of a few of our key people, and we would like to get things back up and running again as soon as possible. Here is what we need (In order of priority):

  • Programmers
  • 3D Artists
  • 2D Artists
  • Mappers

Programmers are a must. What we are trying to do with this mod requires some talented programming. With the loss of my programmers, myself and another of my members are trying to learn the SDK... but it's going extremely slow right now. And without the programmers, the .fgd files cannot be made to help the mappers make their levels more easily.

We do have at least 2 dedicated mappers right now, which is why that's near the bottom of the list... but we are planning at least 12 maps for the modification, so more would be better.

3D artists are definitely helpful. We are currently looking at getting one 3D person to help work on the weapon models, but we definitely need more for map props, character models, and other misc. things. We want to have a large selection of characters to choose from, each from different factions, so players can have a sense of individuality while playing... plus it goes well with the backstory to the modification.

2D artists are needed, as well, for textures and concept art. We have one conceptual artist at the moment, but due to a busy life, he is unable to produce a lot of conceptual pieces to help the design team get a better grasp of how things are supposed to look. We could definitely use a conceptual artist for level design, character design, weapon design, ability design, as well as special FX.

Contact me if you can help with any of these, or know someone who would like to help.

--Lord Neptune 11:56, 1 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Nice i like the idea of the mod and i think it shouldn't be so hard to accomplish some of the abilities.

Although the vgui would be a bit harder.

I cant wait to see it come out. Shame that you have lost key people.

If i could programm at least decently i would definitely join up as i am myself still learning c++ as well.