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How to make a flare replacement for CS:S

You will need a few entities:

- Light

 - change the brightness to  "255 0 0 150"

- Env_sprite

 - Render mode= "World space glow"
 - FX Colour= "255 210 210"
 - Size of glow proxy geometry= 1

- Env_Particlelight

 - Colour= "255 0 0"
 - Intensity= "1000"

- Env_Steam

 - Name= "Steam1"
 - Change the angles to "Up"
 - Initial state= "On"
 - Spread speed= "2.5"
 - Speed= "22"
 - Particle size start= "1"
 - Particle end size= "3"
 - Emission rate= "26"
 - Length of steam jet= "25"
 - Translucency= "140"

- Prop Static

 - World model= "models/weapons/flare.mdl"

First position the flare however you like (laying on the floor somewhere), now center the; light, env_sprite and env_particlelight as close as possible to one end of the "Prop static". Then center your Env_steam over the flare with minimal ground clearance. Now just group everything together and you should have a decent replacement for an Env_Flare =]!

68CAL 22:11, 11 Dec 2007 (PST)

Comment by SM Sith Lord: Thank you *very* much for this CSS replacement to the env_flare entity. I couldn't find any tutorials on how to represent a flare in CSS. Google didn't even turn up this tutorial. I just took a chance and went into the Discussion tab for env_flare. You should post this on FPSBanana, or other tutorial sites.

Possibly old news, but this: "This entity is derived from CBaseCombatCharacter and can have relationships defined towards it" means that flares cannot penetrate npc_clips.--Fitzroy doll 05:11, 20 Nov 2008 (PST)


Does anyone know what entity is required to make the flares seen in Episode 1, the ones wich you can pick up and use as a light source and that set zombies on fire? --The Blazer 04:11, 8 January 2012 (PST)

Use a env_flare and parent it to the model, then make a output on the model "OnPhysgunPickup" and start the flare. --Dmx6 05:46, 8 January 2012 (PST)