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Ok, so I'm trying to make an Old Aperture elevator (entrance and exit) but I don't quite grasp the thing, it's not like the "newer" ones... Could someone expand this page on this subject? Also - there is no player spawn it the old aperture lift instance, why is that? 18:43, 25 May 2011 (UTC)

Are you sure there is no spawn or is the error console just telling you that? because for the regular elevators they give the error that there is no player start, but there really is. --Persianstoner 03:06, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

I checked the .VMF itself, and there is no player start there either. Also when I run the map I appear not in the elevator but rather in the axis orgin... 11:34, 27 May 2011 (UTC)

I know how to make an elevator but can't word it eloquently enough for everyone to understand, maybe someone can work with me here? --Persianstoner 06:13, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

Sure, just do what you can and I'll help clean up. (I really want to understand elevators anyway!) Zompist 10:36, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

I did what I could, here's the screenshots I took so you can implement them however you see fit. Ask me any questions you have I'll be checking this page, I hope I explained it well enough. EDIT: Nice revision, I changed the description for the exit elevator though since you got it wrong, you only need one "arrival_departure_transition_ents" instance, but the base and logic must be different. Also, I came across a way to link your levels together with the elevators, it requires editing game files in Notepad, should I post this?

elevatortut.jpg - shows Step 2 where you copy the elevator over, grid should be much smaller though so it snaps to 1 unit

elevatortut1.jpg - shows the elevator, with the arrival_departure_transition VMF file behind it, the two small yellow blocks.

elevatortut2.jpg - Finished product with hallway attached and everything.

elevatortut3.jpg - What the inside of the hallway should look like after it has been sealed off

Go to edit to get the links.

--Persianstoner 14:35, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

I followed tutorial and on spawn i get a portal gun with potatoe, how can i get only standard portal gun? --Gottimw 00:15, 1 June 2011 (UTC)