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The code is very long and I am very new to this syntax so edit whatever you have to. I found very annoying that "Upload file" doesnt allow me to upload txt files as uplaoding to a separate page then linking to it would be bettr than putting all the text in there, but meh...

Also, I have a working version of this, but while writing I just added another "feature" (customammostring) so it will need a small modification, also refactoring because I changed a few names...

On my current implementation there are 3 concommands that call 2 very similar functions (being one a subset of the other). Those 3 commands crash the game for reasons I can't understand being new to C++ AND the SDK too :) So once I get to put the code I'll be glad you fix it but also try to explain it to me on my user page or this discussion. Those commands would be the only bug. --gia 14:16, 19 Feb 2006 (PST)