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What happens if you want to make a model for your own mod? This article says nothing about making models for your own models in your own mod except for models in cstrike or hl2mp etc.

--Mflux 22:23, 13 Jul 2006 (PDT)

You don't have yo put your .smd files and .qc files in modelsrc. It's good as an organizing practice, though. Maybe this article needs some updates to be clear...

What are important -

  • Put .smd files and .qc files in a same directory.
  • To write .mdl into your mod directory, set Current Game to your mod, or use -game option pointing to your game directory.
Note you have made your Mod usingMod Wizard, you'll get your mod source directory with modelsrc and a .bat invoking studiomdl for your mod. I usually use this studiomdl.bat(which has -game option) to compile my mod models. I export .smd files from XSI, write the .qc in the same directory, then drag .qc into the .bat file - then I can get my .mdl. (If there is no error present!) --n-neko 01:43, 1 Dec 2006 (PST)