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Programmer's Notepad use

Is there any way to use Programmer's Notepad ( for work with .qc-files? Meaning, is it possible without really great efforts. I checked it's profiles ("schemes") already and - they are not compatible with those of Notepad++ (so if one wants to use PN, then creating a scheme is necessary).

Glitchy Model

I created a model, you know, modelled it, exported SMD's, compiled, etc., but when I try to put it in hammer as a prop_static it just doesn't show up, and when I place it as a prop_physics (which it really shouldn't be) it won't let me pick it up. In addition, when I touch it so as to "wake" it, the game crashes. I'm stunped as to what's going on. Please help!

Below is my qc file in case it helps:

$modelname Elevator_Button/Elevator_Button.mdl
$cdmaterials models/Elevator_Button
$scale 2.0
$body studio "Elevator_button_ref.smd"
$texturegroup "Elevator_button"
   { "Elevator_button" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_01" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_02" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_03" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_04" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_05" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_06" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_07" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_08" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_09" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_10" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_11" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_12" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_13" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_14" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_15" }
   { "Elevator_button_skin_16" }
$sequence idle "Elevator_button_idle.smd"  fps 15