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The toolbar with toEntity can not be assumed as of is movable -ts2do

How the hell do you texture ONE SIDE of a brush? Needs a bit more added to the tutorial - Jamesmaul

Maby you can get a vmf of a working brakeable glass?

Addition of "See Also"

I was trying out this tutorial and I also had the issue with "apply it to one face". I didn't modify any of the tutorial's content, just thought I'd add a link to "Hammer Face Edit Dialog" which explains how to apply textures to only one face. --Reindeer 20:38, 13 Dec 2006 (PST)

The note

The entire note is extraneous, you don't have to deselect with brush entities or fiddle at all with the displacement tab, so I changed it.-Mrhappy 00:25, 14 Mar 2007 (PDT)

I agree with you, there is no reason to go to the displacement tab. Also added to the note to make sure that you're in either Select or Lift+Select mode (just in case!)

Adding the env_cubemap to a Portal map makes things too complicated for a beginning mapper

I spent two hours trying to figure out why my glass had that purple (missing texture) checkerboard. The glass would break and everything, but even the shards were purple. I finally deleted the env_cubmap and if fixed it. I'm making the env_cubemap option for now...if someone can point out why it's needed then please indicate the requirement.

I believe the reason is because I'm making a Portal map...which, if I'm not mistaken, includes a default env_cubemap. It looks like adding the extra env_cubemap would mean that the mapper will need to build the extra cubemap manually. Correct me if I'm wrong.Rockn-Roll 09:39, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

Think of env_cubemap entities as a camera. When cubemaps are built, they take six pictures around them: up, down, left, right, back, front. Any material around them that are able to reflect will apply those pictures to them, giving the texture more depth. I'm not sure what you mean by having an extra env_cubemap entity would cause the mapper to build it manually, because running buildcubemaps after compiling the map will trigger each cubemap, one by one (in order of creation, I think) and cause them to take pictures of their surroundings, then they are applied to whichever material accepts reflections. It's not like the mapper needs to make note of the entity, then manually trigger it to take pictures. I'm not too sure why your glass bugged, though. Cubemaps are a must have for realistic maps. --Mattshu 13:41, 15 February 2011 (UTC)