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"Although XSI is the Valve-recommended program for modelling, many will find Blender to have an easier learning curve." - Oh crap. And I thought Blender was supposed to be user-hostile - I think I might continue in my abortive attempts at learning how to use it (current time-period: six years) if XSI is that ... different. :-) -- Cargo Cult 14:52, 4 Jul 2005 (PDT)

I couldn't get the hang of XSI at all, but I spose that's because I knew Blender before I tried it. XSI just seems a little untidy and illogical, but then again I probably gave up too early. Of course, Blender is good for making static non-animated props, but anything more complicated (bones and animation) and you'll need XSI to create the SMDs. I advise you give XSI a shot (the tutorials are really good) first though. -- Johnsto 15:14, 4 Jul 2005 (PDT)
I hope this article to become neutral and fair. It's a place to introduce about blender, not a place to attack other programs. I think "Many will find it..." is overstatement. In my experience both XSI and blender have own logical ways that new users have to learn. N-neko
That's why it says "many", not "most".