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I just want to suggest this start off on the page. BTW, can't wait for BMS! --AndrewNeo 19:26, 6 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Nice recreations....although it may be terribly difficult to recreate Xen with displacements...—ts2do (Talk | @) 13:47, 20 Nov 2005 (PST)

We will try hard to bring it to life. Thanks for the changes ts2do, looks better. I just need to add more media shots so the gallery doesn't look so ackward.--Kalashnikov

Page updated with media shots and additional information, more is coming: so please for now only correct spelling errors. --Kalashnikov

Updates complete, any mistakes/additions you think may be useful are welcomed. --Kalashnikov

Source has been removed from our official name due to a request from Valve Software. Do not re-add it. --Kalashnikov

Why's too ambiguous now—ts2do 10:12, 29 Jan 2006 (PST)

We'll re-add (Source) for those who wish to read it as such. It'll be easier. --Kalashnikov

Take as long as you want. I just wanted to say that I want you guys to take as long as need be so you can make a good game. Don't feel pressured by all of us demanding progress and a release date. I swear, marketing departments kill video games. We all have many other games to play while we wait also so don't think we are starving a new valve game asap. I myself have Oblivion (drools), then Spore (mmmmmmmm), and then Project Offset (OMG ITS AMAZING). So take as long as you want, although I still want to play it eventually because half life is easily the best game ever made. --Red Comet 09:25, 19 Mar 2006 (PST)

Thanks Red Comet for the support. We will be taking the time needed while still concerning ourselves with time. --Kalashnikov