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Snow! :-) --TomEdwards 15:48, 12 Apr 2007 (PDT)

Indeed, looks better than the avarege SP Mod. :D --Sortie 03:00, 13 Apr 2007 (PDT)


I was enjoying this mod, up until it crashed. After the power is turned on in the antlion infestation level, I proceeded back to the room with the broken catwalk and silos of green goo. After mowing down the antlions in that room the game promptly locked up and died. I am unfortunately running Vista at the moment, so that may have contributed.


Can people use this game for a video on youtube?

Hello developers (if you still monitor this page :) ) I am sending this message to request the use of gameplay of your game for a series that i am going to start for the clan i work for , WAY! Clan, and would like to ask your permission. In this series i plan to help Smaller game developers gain more publicity and hopefully gain fans that will stay loyal as many companies have done and still do. I choose to do this series not only because i know how hard it is to get the name out there in any industry at this current time but also as i have such respect for the great games that come out of companies that are unheard of at this present time.

If there are any problems you ever have WAY! Clan have many people that will help you in other ways such as channel GFX, Editors, Machinima connections ( such as directors), Yeousch connections and we even have several programmers among ourselfs ( some who make good games and some who know several things but nothing much about any other codes and cant put decent enough GFX in their game; all problems it looks like you have never had to deal with :D ) I missed out earlier that we are always willing to help if there is ever anything you need help with and we are always willing to help out people who need and deserve it. I know it doesn't sound like it from how serious i'm trying to write this letter but we always give service with a smile :).

We are always willing to reply to any concerns and make business offers ( no matter how one sided ;) ) and we look forward to the possibility of hearing back from you.

Yours sincerly, Connkers, WAY! Clan commentator ( if you wish to see some of my work on other series or how well WAY! was doing before the decission to rebuild the channel ,and therefore we needed a fresh start on videos aswell so we have very few videos left, i have included links. :) ) WAY! Clans main channel with a video by our head of GFX: My personal channel: Thank you for reading :) regards