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c stands for server ?

why prefixing server-side with stuff with the c letter ? i fail to see the subtility with the "c_" for "client side". why not "s" or "sr" ? Meithal 10:54, 2 Jun 2008 (PDT)

Testing the entity

So, maybe this is silly, but maybe this tutorial should also include instructions on testing this entity we just made on a map so that we know it actually did something. From what is here I have code that compiles but no idea if it actually did anything other than faith in the person who wrote the tutorial. How does one trigger the entity so it prints to the screen or console (or wherever it prints) when they put the entity into a map and run it? ent_fire? what? Zarbon9696

You'd tie a map output to OnThreshold, and use either an input or ent_fire to prod it. You're right though, something needs to be added. --TomEdwards 03:03, 2 Jul 2008 (PDT)

What's with the C++ tutorial?

This is a VDC article on how to mod in Source; why aren't we assuming that readers have a working knowledge of C++, and letting the unenlightened go to other, more in-depth websites actually intended to explain programming fundamentals?