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A "In contrast to Source2007/OB"

First of all; is this the best page for this?

Though, a lot has happened between 2007 and 2010. And a lot might be true if you compare to the L4D1/2, Source2007, or Portal 2 engine. But this is the newest engine we have any code for. Mod makers looking for something better might look at AlienSwarm, but might only see a top-down and a lot of work to make work for anything else. I think we should point out the differences between the two engine branches. I'll go ahead and start a list, though, I want to supply sources for my information, but I don't have the time and/or ability to confirm. But I'll go ahead and still list them, with the only real confirmation is what I've heard or personally seen. I'll update this with more information as I get it.

Some pros:

Faster model rendering(TODO: How much faster?)

Faster shadow mapping( Src)

Less self shadowing errors with shadow mapping(TODO: Get picture)

Faster particle rendering(TODO: Find proof)

Newer and better looking lighting model(TODO: Pictures)

Depth of field with near and far focal points

Film Grain

Screen Vignette(mat_vignette_enable)

Can load VPKs(TODO: Excluding the ability to easily load VPKs from other VPK-based games, why is this good?)

Some cons:

Can't load GCFs(so content from them must be extracted first: HL2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2, Portal 1)

No custom shader support(Though, it's possible with a work. But this information is not easily accessible)

By default is a top-down shooter(Only a con if you want something drastically different like an FPS)