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Flowing water?

Why is it that a water brush cannot vary in the Z direction at all?

Say, if I wanted to create a natural looking river or stream, it would be highly unlikely that the entire stream would be "flat." Don't get me wrong, the water in Source looks amazing... but it's all non-moving water. One would think that with the advanced physics this game is capable of, liquid would be something that could be mimicked, or is something like this too expensive for even today's juggernaut computers to handle with any sort of playability?

  • Water is exceptionally hard to physically simulate, both from a research perspective (working out how the hell it actually DOES move) and from a hardware perspective (actually simulating it in real-time). Water is still something the Pixar guys have trouble with, and they don't have the problem of having to render the screen 30 times a second. Still, I have to ask the question: What the hell is a PVS? --Graham 19:44, 8 Jul 2005 (PDT)