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Proper Syntax for AddOutput

While using Hammer, with the Object Properties window open, you'll press the Outputs tab, then click "Add..." At this point, you'll choose an Output listed in the "My output named" list and begin entering your parameters/options/arguments.

For example, on a team_control_point_round, you might add an output that reads as follows:

My output named: OnStart
Targets entities named: Timer_Game
Via this input: AddOutput
With a parameter override of: OnSetupFinished door_one:Open::0:-1
After a delay in seconds of: 0.00
Fire once only (checkbox): Unchecked

Breakdown of the parameter override line...

"OnSetupFinished" is an Output for the team_round_timer entity.
"door_one" is the name of the entity I want affected by this output.
"Open" is the parameter (command) I send to the specified entitiy (door_one) in this case.
The "::" tells the engine that I'm not sending any other parameters with that "Open" command.
"0" is the delay (meaning, I want it done immediately).
"-1" means I want it to fire an infinite number of times.

Basically, I've created an output that tells another entity to create an output that tells a door to open when the setup timer is finished.
Note: Do NOT enclose your parameter override string in quotation marks ("OnSetupFinished door_one:Open::0:-1"). The compiler will give you an error and crash.