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Design Philosophy

I created a design philosophy section, but I don't know if its suitable to go here, or if it's writing standards are up to par. I'm also not sure if my reasoning is entirely sound. --Ihonnyboy

The Overwatch Slot

Hey, CorporalAris, are you sure that's what it does? Doesn't the squad slot system already cause the soldiers to cover each other when reloading, since they vacate the strategy slot (line 2199)? I know the comments mention covering, but SCHED_COMBINE_ENTER_OVERWATCH triggers when the weapon has LOS (line 1529). And SCHED_COMBINE_OVERWATCH breaks when the soldier can attack (line 3622). Wouldn't that mean this only takes place when out of attack range, but the weapon still has LOS? I've rarely seen overwatch used when looking at their ai with "ent_text". Please tell me what you find, this squad function has confused me for a while. --ihonnyboy