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What happened to the image here? Was extremely useful as a reference I could never remember which axis is which.

I'll put it back in for now. But it would be much easier if you learnt what it means:
  • X is horizontal
  • Y is depth
  • Z is vertical
--TomEdwards 08:50, 13 Jan 2009 (PST)

Offsetting a model's origin

I have been working on a MAXScript tool Wall Worm Model Tools for 3ds Max for making models faster. One of the features that has been a challenge is setting the proper $origin if the model resides away from [0,0,0] in world space. (You might do this if building your level inside 3ds Max and building your models in place in the scene).

I have not figured out the correct calculation for offsetting the $origin coordinates for this scenario.

One suggestion Jed gave was to temporarily move the model to the center at export time, then move it back. He also pointed me to this $origin command... but I am not able to get the right coordinates consistently. If I am reading the docs correctly... it is problematic. Help is appreciated.

$origin in CS:GO and SFM ... Broken?

Has $origin been removed from the model compiler for CS:GO and SFM? It doesn't seem to be working in these versions of Source. --Shawnolson 09:56, 16 August 2012 (PDT)