TF2 Glow Effect (2013 SDK)

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  • Add GLOWS_ENABLE to the preprocessor directives on your client and server projects (don't forget to add it for release and debug, too!)
  • Add the following line to ClientModeShared::DoPostScreenSpaceEffects:
g_GlowObjectManager.RenderGlowEffects( pSetup, 0 );

Materials Required:

  • Precache the effect by placing this code in clientmode_shared.cpp (search for other references of CLIENTEFFECT_REGISTER_BEGIN for usage example):
CLIENTEFFECT_REGISTER_BEGIN( PrecachePostProcessingEffectsGlow )
CLIENTEFFECT_MATERIAL( "dev/glow_color" )
CLIENTEFFECT_MATERIAL( "dev/halo_add_to_screen" )

Don't forget to add the include defintion for the precache system!

#include "clienteffectprecachesystem.h"


Objects derived from CBaseEntity are able to glow, but setters and getters for the glow effect only appear to be defined from CBaseCombatCharacter onwards.

To start a glow, call:

myObject->AddGlowEffect(); //Make it glow

To update a glow, call:

myObject->UpdateGlowEffect(); //Update glow

To stop a glow, call:

myObject->RemoveGlowEffect(); //Make it stop glowing