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Synergy is mainly a co-opertive mod for Half-Life 2. Plain and simple. However, Synergy Beta 2.0 now has multiple game modes: Co-op, Teams and Deathmatch, which now, level artists have many new customization options; from NPC customization to custom player models to custom sounds for levels, you can't quite customize like any other mod. The mod features many new customization options for level artists, to provide more variety in levels: NPCs and world materials and environment. Synergy has no "global story": we want to give level artists the most customization possible. Therefore, each map may have a different and unique story. Each level can be different with different objectives: rescue an NPC, defend a base, secure checkpoints, attack and defend, assassinate a enemy VIP and so on. We hope you enjoy Synergy.


The history behind Synergy is quite interesting: before the mod was named "Synergy", it actually had two names: "Dev Coop" and "DC Coop 2". At first, there were only three people working on Dev Coop and we didn't have any real plans in place to release a public version. DC Coop 2 had around six people working on their mod. It also had a Half-Life mod, named DC Coop. Both parties met and realised the possibilities of a merge. Today, the mod is known as Synergy and development couldn't have been better: we've got a public Beta (Beta 1.0) up for download and we're quite please at how Beta 2.0 is coming along! Synergy started out as a strictly co-op only mod (which is Beta 1.0), but now Synergy Beta 2.0 has shifted around a bit and turned into a multi-style mod with many customization capabilities for level artists.


  • Major customization possibilities
  • NPC Customization ("CSFs")
  • Compiled level entity modification (use of "SME" files)
  • NPC Lag Compensation
  • Custom Player Model support (like Half-Life Deathmatch)
  • Custom Soundscripts Support
  • New levels, character models, skins, ...
  • New weapons (such as Flaregun and melee weapons)
  • Hand Pickups
  • New player character animations
  • More coming...


Bug Fries! A "Push" Style level New weapon in Beta 2.0 Metropolice Player Model skin
Using the Crane to our advantage

TFC Pyro Player Model - 'Synergized'

Job Offers

  • Level Artists

We're always looking for some people who know how to map and would like to learn how to use some of the new features in Synergy.

  • Modeler / Animator

This one is a biggy. We've got some weapons that need to be modeled, so if you're interested and feel up to it, send us an email.

  • Material Artist

Very self-explainitory. Need a guy to texture those weapons.

If you're interested, please send us an email. Thank you.