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There are several types of switches used throughout portal 2. This article list them and also provides tutorials on how to create them in the hammer editor.

Pillar Button

The pillar style button

The tall, red, player activated buttons used in Portal 2 are very simple to create. The button is used as a trigger for doors and many other entities in the game, as well as a self contained timer.


Firstly place a prop_button entity on the ground and position it where you want it. Direct the OnPressed output to a logic_relay or instance containing the actions that should occur when the button is pressed.

To have the button act as a timer, set the Delay Before Reset property to the desired amount of time and Play timer sound? to "Yes." Direct the OnButtonReset to the trigger you want to activate when time runs out.

Super Button

The Super button

The 1500 Megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button. Used in Portal 2 to open doors, raise stairs and turn entities on and off. It can be activated by cubes, the player, and other objects. It is usually made of only one prop_floor_button, but in official maps it is commonly found as part of one of the button instances.


Select the entity creation tool and choose prop_floor_button from the list. Spawn it, an place it where you want on the map. By going into the properties of the button, you can choose what you want to happen when it is pressed (OnPressed) or when it is released (OnUnPressed). Under the 'Button model' property in the 'Class Info' tab you can change the way the floor button looks. Just filter "portal_button" in the model browse menu. Note: not in a way that it'll look like the cube only button. To Do: Please expand on this for me, there may be a few errors or short comings, I just wanted to help people who needed it now.

Underground Button

The Old Aperture style button

This button, acts exactly as the Super Button does, the only difference is the appearance. It can be triggered by the player and cubes. For consistency this button is used only in the Old Aperture parts of official maps, and usually is activated by the 'antique cube'.


In the entity creation list find the prop_under_floor_button and spawn it in the desired place. As it acts like the normal Super Button, the outputs are the same, what happens when the button is pressed (OnPressed) and when it is released (OnUnpressed). Interestingly, even when the 'regular' cube is on the button, it will change its inner color to yellow - just as it would do on the newer Super Button ones.

Other Switches

(To do)

  • Gel Pump control switch
  • Old Aperture Big Red Button
  • Edgeless Safty Cube holder/button
  • CD Drive trigger