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There are several types of switches used throughout portal 2. This article list them and also provides tutorials on how to create them in the hammer editor.

Pillar Button

The pillar style button

The tall, red, player activated buttons used in Portal 2 are very simple to create. The button is used to as a trigger for doors and many other entities in the game. Usually used in combination with a timer.


Firstly place a prop_button entity on the ground and position it where you want it. Add your desired outputs to it; it works just the same as the func_button entity so it should be familiar to you. (To do: Expand on this a bit? even just a link to the portal 1 one...)

Super Button

The Super button

The 1500 Megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button. Used in Portal 2 to open doors, raise stairs and turn entities on and off. Can be activated be cubes, the player, and other objects.


  • To do: Do i put a from scratch tutorial or an instancing tutorial?

Other Switches

(To do)

  • Gel Pump control switch
  • Old Aperture Big Red Button
  • Edgeless Safty Cube holder/button
  • CD Drive trigger