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Third Person View from this Tutorial

How to Create a 2D Side View in a Alien Swarm Modification.

See Swarm SDK Create a Mod first.


Changing asw_controls

Open this file:


First we change the value "1" to "0" in asw_controls otherwise the angle of the mouse will be wrong. (NOTICE: the panels and stuff will NOT work anymore, you have to fix that in asw_in_mouse reset and apply functions)

ConVar asw_controls("asw_controls", "1", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT, "Disable to get normal FPS controls (affects all players on the server)");

Hiding the Crosshair.

We want hiding the crosshair, open


search for

ConVar asw_crosshair_use_perspective("asw_crosshair_use_perspective", "1", FCVAR_CHEAT, "Show the crosshair that has perspective or the old version?");

change the value to "0" Go on and search for:

surface()->DrawSetTexture( m_nDirectCrosshairTexture2 );

replace with :

return; //surface()->DrawSetTexture( m_nDirectCrosshairTexture2 );

Now we change the pitch



search for :

ConVar asw_cam_marine_pitch( "asw_cam_marine_pitch", "60", FCVAR_CHEAT, "Marine Camera: pitch." );

change them to:

ConVar asw_cam_marine_pitch( "asw_cam_marine_pitch", "0", FCVAR_CHEAT, "Marine Camera: pitch." );//60

Now go to the head and disable with value "0" the shift

ConVar asw_cam_marine_shift_enable( "asw_cam_marine_shift_enable", "0", FCVAR_CHEAT, "Camera shifting enable/disable." ); //default was 1

Now we let the code do the rest for us ;)



search for

ConVar thirdperson_platformer( "thirdperson_platformer", "0", 0, "Player will aim in the direction they are moving." );

and replace with this:

ConVar thirdperson_platformer( "thirdperson_platformer", "1", FCVAR_CHEAT, "Player will aim in the direction they are moving." );

Thats the Easy methode, you also can just search for all thirdperson_platformer commands and change the codes itself.

Thats it :-)

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