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它还使你可以执行通常会被玩家滥用或误用的命令. 在做地图时,你可能会将其作为启动命令.

语法: sv_cheats <boolean>

Note.png 注意: 参数在"<"和">"字符内说明。


Below are some typical cheats which gamers may find useful. Developers may also find these useful for bug testings and specific testing on in-game worlds.

(Command parameters are described inside the < and > characters.)

  • god - "God Mode": Player becomes invincible. Type again to turn off.
  • impulse 101 - Equip the player with a full loadout of equipment.
  • impulse 203 - Remove an entity.
  • give <entity name> - Give the player the item, weapon, entity or asset stated.
  • noclip - Toggle the player collision with the environment and other objects. Allows the player to fly through walls, etc. Type again to turn off.
  • notarget - Toggle NPC detection of the player. The player will still activate trigger entities, etc. Type again to turn off.