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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.

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This is my little tribute to this great guy, the Half Life 2 Antlion character. Was annoying isn`t it? Ok, but not anymore, since now we can play with it in a Mario 64 way, that is, pure 3D platform game. Who said Source engine was only good for first person shooters? No way!!

You have everything you need to love this creature: You can jump on the enemies to harm them, or attack them from the ground with your left or right leg( or both for a combined attack ), and you can even turn into a shadow that kills everyone next to it, but beware!!!, your energy will decrease while you are doing this so use it wisely heheheh. Full 3D camera control is provided as well.


  • Real third person conversion mod
  • Input with gamepad or mouse plus keyboard
  • Player and camera behaviors are pretty similar to commercial AAA 3D platform games
  • First platform game made with Source( as far as I know )


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