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* [[Crowbar]] - A more up-to-date tool for decompiling models
* [[Crowbar]] - A more up-to-date tool for decompiling models
* [[mdldecompiler]]
* [[mdldecompiler]]
* [[Compiling a model]]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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StudioCompiler is a third-party tool written by Cannonfodder for compiling models and materials.


  • Model Compiler - builds a .qc file for you for simple models, or compiles using an existing qc file. Can provide info on the reference SMD file and allows the user to replace its materials, which is useful when you forget to texture the model before export, or if you want to use the same SMD's but use a new texture.
  • Material Compiler - lets you specify common VMT options without having to edit the VMT file itself. Additionally, there is no requirement for the TGA files to be in any particular directory for it to function properly.
  • Model Decompiler - allows you to decompile any HL2 model, for recovery of original work or study of existing resources.
  • File Export and Conversion (VMT/VTF) - the Steam browser is built-in, so there is no need to export the files before conversion. Export a material to TGA directly from the GCFs.

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Note.png Note: An update to the old version of StudioCompiler by Erix920 can be found here.