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There are numerous system-wide commands available that interact with Steam. All of them open up Steam if it is not open. They can either be typed into a command box (Start-> Run) or through your browser's address bar (you can normally create links to them as you would web page links). Use a Steam Application ID in place of <id> (i.e. 211 for the Source SDK).

Note.png Note: If you forget the closing quote on a steam:"<command>", you will get an assertion failed error from Steam.exe/BootStrapperApp.cpp.

Suggested commands

The following commands are community suggestions and are not presently featured in Steam:

  • steam://connect/<IP or DNS name>[:port]/<password>
    • Connects to the specified server with the right password --Semi
      • I think that this is a must due to the fact that the appid's are complete bs when it comes to launching steam remotely. --pumakuma
  • steam://connect/<IP or DNS name>[:port]/'command1 "arg1" "arg2";command2 "arg1";password "blah";etc..'
    • Connects to the specified server after executing the specified commands --ts2do
  • steam://vdc/<page title>
  • steam://gameinfo/<IP or DNS name>[:port]
    • Opens the "Game Info" dialog for the specified server. Maybe also integrated into the server browser, so you don't have to add a server to the favorites to have access to that window. --Koraktor
Appreciated -Rotzi
  • steam://runsingle/<AppID>
    • Runs an app, then shuts down Steam once the game closes. -- AiusEpsi
      • This is stupid. All Source games needs Steam open in order to do anything concerning gcf files, which is the game itself.--Sortie 23:53, 5 Apr 2007 (PDT)
it shuts down steam AFTER the game ran and closed! Leopard84
I don't get the point. Useless in my point of view. -Rotzi
    • Forces update (if autoupdate fails) of all files (including all linked .gcf) for defined AppID. -- Dwarden
Restarting Steam would be simpler, and have the same effect. --TomEdwards 08:23, 13 Sep 2006 (PDT)
i'm afraid it's not that simple, see my post there -- Dwarden
  • steam://checkbuild/<AppID>
    • Compares actual local build of AppID with latest version available at Steam servers for defined AppID.
    • Results displayed in way: '<AppID> - <ActualLocalBuild>:<LatestBuildAtSteamServers>
    • and if they not match it offers user dialog to force update to latest build.