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There are numerous system-wide commands available that interact with Steam. All of them open up Steam if it is not open. They can either be typed into a command box (Start-> Run) or through your browser's address bar (you can normally create links to them as you would web page links). Use a Steam Application ID in place of <id> (i.e. 211 for the Source SDK).

Implemented commands

Note.png Note: If you forget the closing quote on a steam:"<command>", you will get an assertion failed error from Steam.exe/BootStrapperApp.cpp.

Suggested commands

The following commands are community suggestions and are not presently featured in Steam:

Connect protocol

  • steam://connect/<IP or DNS name>[:port]/'command1 "arg1" "arg2";command2 "arg1";password "blah";etc..'
    • Connects to the specified server after executing the specified commands --ts2do
    • An alternate syntax which makes more sense if you're familiar with HTTP URL syntax: steam://connect/<IP or DNS name>[:port]/?cvar1=value&cvar2=value&password=blah&etc.. --The MAZZTer 21:03, 31 Jul 2008 (PDT)
    • A similar syntax could be: steam://connect/?ip=<ip>:<port>&password=<password>&hltv=<true/false>&gamedetails=<true/false>&cvars="<cvar1> <value>;<cvar2> <value>;" where gamedetails refers to Server Info (similar to proposed protocol below); and all data under cvars is automatically compiled into a one-time .cfg file. -- JRod 17:13, 22 Nov 2008 (PST)
  • steam://open/bandwidth
    • Opens the bandwidth monitor panel, which is currently rather buried and unreachable without opening another window. Considering the potential impact of large downloads it'd be nice if it was easier to see what was happening. Case in point: here in Australia you can quickly run up hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you don't consider your quotas and peak/off-peak download periods and excess download fees. --Gth 02:05, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

Overlay Browser

  • steam://overlay/<Website or Arguments From Steam://url>
    • Opens the overlay ingame with the specified parameter, helpful for opening steam groups ingame so players can join. --DontWannaName
      • Second this request, would be great for creating communities for/in L4D Captain-p0t-n00dle 10:02, 10 May 2009 (UTC)


Appreciated -Rotzi
  • steam://runsingle/<AppID>
    • Runs an app, then shuts down Steam once the game closes. -- AiusEpsi
      • This is stupid. All Source games needs Steam open in order to do anything concerning gcf files, which is the game itself.--Sortie 23:53, 5 Apr 2007 (PDT)
it shuts down steam AFTER the game ran and closed! Leopard84
I don't get the point. Useless in my point of view. -Rotzi
    • Forces update (if autoupdate fails) of all files (including all linked .gcf) for defined AppID. -- Dwarden
Restarting Steam would be simpler, and have the same effect. --TomEdwards 08:23, 13 Sep 2006 (PDT)
i'm afraid it's not that simple, see my post there -- Dwarden
Yea, my steam REFUSES to update ANYTHING, even after re-installing it. A force update would be nice. --PanFrie 04:50, 1 Feb 2008 (EST)
  • steam://friends/message/<id OR username>
    • This would update the /friends/message/ command to allow users to more easily add their IM links to their webpages (i.e. social networking sites). It just seems a little odd that you have to know your numerical steam ID in order to use this command. The /friends/add/ command could also include this functionality.
  • steam://checkbuild/<AppID>
    • Compares actual local build of AppID with latest version available at Steam servers for defined AppID.
    • Results displayed in way: '<AppID> - <ActualLocalBuild>:<LatestBuildAtSteamServers>
    • and if they not match it offers user dialog to force update to latest build.