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There are several commands available that interact with steam. All of them open up steam if it is not open. They can either be typed into a command box (start-> run menu) or through your browser's addressbar.

  • steam:%c This opens Steam with command line arguments. Replace %c with command line arguments found here: Command Line Options
  • steam://store/%id This opens up the store for the specified product, if no product is specified then the default one is opened. Replace %id with a product number from this page Applaunch IDs.
  • steam://backup/%id This opens up Steam's backup utility. If a product id is specified then the product is checkmarked automatically. Replace %id with a product number from this page Applaunch IDs.
  • steam://purchase/%id This opens a dialog box to buy a product from Steam. Since Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the Valve Premier Pack can no longer be purchased by themselves, because they have been replace with Half-Life 2, this is useful. Replace %i with: 7 for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, 8 for Valve Premier Pack, 9 for Half-Life 2 Bronze, 10 for Half-life 2 Silver, or 13 for Half-Life 2 Gold.

--Black Panther 07:31, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT) originally posted by --X2cube 05:23, 15 Nov 2004 on the [| hl2world wiki]