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Remember that this is beta

These strings will be used in the future to help people solving thier problems At the moment in order to use it you need to use this path: steam://support/?Issues=

You can use the* (i.e. connection* or crash*) to run all the options under the test


  • Crash0 - Crashing when launching Steam
  • Crash1 - Crashing when launching a game
  • Crash2 - Crashing during gameplay


  • Connection0 - Unable to update Steam
  • Connection1 - Unable to see any game servers
  • Connection2 - Getting Steam Ticket Expired
  • Connection3 - Getting Steam Account already in use
  • Connection4 - Unable to update or finish updating a game
  • Connection5 - Unable to join a server


  • Performance0 - Low FPS/stutterng
  • Performance1 - Lag in multiplayer games

List of known issues with the beta

  1. Doesn't correctly ID dual proc. systems.
  2. Doesn't correctly report memory on systems with more than 2GB of RAM.
  3. Newest versions of ATI vid drivers are incorrectly reported as out of date.

If you've found out more issuses please update this page and PM DougV